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Gonna try my hand at making gifs~
City Photography may be a thing here too~

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First gifset - so sorry about this.

From Let’s Play - Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, part 2.


Gavin and Ray being cute in this weeks AHWU. (x)


do you know how hard it is to love a character that’s an asshole on a regular basis knowing that they’re an asshole and they’ve done asshole things but whenever you look at them you are just like wow. you asshole. i love you. but you are an asshole.


A possibly workable fuck-ton of tree references (per request).


Okay, after months of lurking, I am now officially a productive member of this fandom! Sort of…  *grin* 

I’ve wanted to do this ever since I saw that gorgeous elven armour on my dash. It just screamed “Fenris” to me, and the opportunity was simply too hot to pass up ;-)

It’s by no means perfect and it was a pain in the ass to make it fit (why are you so damn lanky, Fenris? >.<), but I’m pretty satisfied with it for the moment.


these infomercials are terrible, these things don’t happen in real life

"I gotta find out who killed my Dad!" - Ryuko Matoi


[kawaii reaper noise]


Dragon Age: Inquisition.